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Our team serves as your "Architect" and by doing so we empower our clients to focus on two things:

We can also act as your Builder, taking your vision and decisions and implementing them to meet your goals

                                             As we work together to create your financial vision, there are two ways to contract our team.

                Initially would be to build and monitor the plan, just how an "architect" would create the blueprint and oversee the construction of a building. 

              You can elect to use others to execute the recommendations you wish to act on, or you can utilize our team as both your "architect" and builder. 

              Not only will we design your plan, but we will work effectively and efficiently to implement the strategies discussed with fee-based financial planning.

Our Proactive Service Model

Our Proactive Service Model

1. Introduction to Platinum Account Manager

  • Setting up your Personal Financial View Website
  • Linking all your accounts to one easy website
  • Dedicated account manager

2. Four Pre-Scheduled Review Meetings

  •   JANUARY: Planning / Update / Investment Review
  • APRIL:  Investment Review
  • JULY: Planning Update / Investment Review
  • OCTOBER: Investment Review

3. Two In-Person Meetings (at a minimum)


4. Any additional meetings for revisions or updates as needed


**Please note that you can implement your financial plan at the financial institution of your choice