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Our Process Matters


  • Identify "gaps or inefficiencies" in your current plan
  • Create a strategy to generate a realistic and sustainable income stream
  • Minimize taxes where possible
  • Develop an investment policy and construct an investment portfolio
  • Detail estate planning strategies
  • Monitor the execution of each recommendation
  • As needs change, monitor and adjust your road map while mitigating risks along the way

                          "Architect & Builder" 

In addition to the advisory solutions detailed under "Architect," our "Architect" & Builder strategies utilize our experience and expertise to carefully implement the agreed upon recommendations.

Our hands-on approach enhances our ability to act as your "Personal CFO" so you can focus on the things you value most.

Barnum Financial Group strives to strengthen clients in three key areas:


To create the vision of your most valued financial objectives.  


To provide the knowledge and education so you can make the best decisions.  

Plan of Action 

To develop a personalized plan that sets the foundation for your future.